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Dear Healthcare professionals, I am Daniel Postan. I have been working in Television productions for over 30 years. I operate my business in the Houston, Texas market area. I love creating audiovisual materials for professionals like you.

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My mission with Vidimed, is to assist healthcare professionals, communicate effectively their knowledge, using videos on-line. I can also help them reach their targeted market by different methods of distributions like social media and USB Flash Drives.


Over the years, as medicine has changed, so has the communications industry. Today with the attributes of YouTube®, healthcare professionals can reach global audiences at zero cost for the distribution of video programs.

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Sadly, some of the videos you see on YouTube are not professionally done. They have poor audio and video qualities. One of my specialties, is to create videos that delivers the message properly. Well produced videos can establish an effective communication with an engaged audience.


I can help you reach your targeted audience by using different techniques. Producing professional videos in High Definition with crispy sound, allows for the message to be delivered easily to the viewers mind. Your message will not interfered with poor video quality. Clean visuals, and clean audio reaches directly to the brain.

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After video production and editing is completed, the distribution of your information and marketing materials begin. Vidimed is capable of creating a channel on YouTube. In this channel, we can place all your video materials and set-up a play list. We are also experts in S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) and other techniques to help  promote your videos on YouTube and Google.

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We can produce bilingual Spanish / English video programming. With us, you can reach the Anglo and Hispanic markets alike. Take advantage of our bilingual abilities. Extend your reach to a wider audience.


Vidimed (“Video Medicine”) is a division of Lightbulb Advertising.

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